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The world is moving fast. We want to help it keeping fun and easier to manage. Whatsrabbit is a communicationplatform that connects people, ideas and processes. It's easy to use and helps you stay connected with clients anywhere, anytime.



Public API


Introducing 5Kitchens, an innovative 'dark kitchen' concept that brings the whole culinary experience right to your doorstep. This incredible application offers a seamless vertical solution, from placing your order to communicating with the production- and POS system. It even includes a convenient delivery app. Get ready to indulge in a whole new level of culinary convenience.



Delivery App

D'n Dictionair

The Limburgish Academy, A nonprofit organization established in 2007 to encourage interest in and the preservation and further development of the Limburgish language and all its dialects. We assisted the Limburgish Academy in connecting the Limburgish language, along with its dialects, to the digital world with pride.



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We partnered with a leading multinational company in the construction industry to bring uCasa to life. uCasa is a groundbreaking home configurator that turns your dreams into reality. Effortlessly transform your vision into a beautifully assembled home. Witness your dreams taking shape before your eyes.


3D Configurator

Supplier platform


More info will follow soon... get back to be informed about this Antastic project soon!

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The launch of the Rebody Members App is a dot on the horizon. More information will follow soon!

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